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Benvenuti a cunina



We have always been Green

  • Organic farming
  • Geothermal energy to manage heating and cooling systems
  • Underground power lines
  • Responsible management of organic waste
  • Separate waste collection on site
  • Waste water treatment via oxygenation & purification
  • Garden irrigation with recycled water
  • Solar panels for hot water
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Park and recharge your car with our Sun ☀️ and wall box

    Cunina Solar re-charge

    You can park your EV under a roof fully covered by Solar Panels.
    and recharge it while you enjoy your tima at Cunina.
    Italian 🇮🇹 Sun ☀️ at your disposal!

    Cunina Solar panels recharging a Tesla Cunina Solar recharging a Tesla back view
Cunina - Bio IT BIO-007 Car Bio Recharge

Around The House

The owners: Freddi family

La Famiglia Freddi

Cunina - Bio IT BIO-007